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Childhood Eczema - Attention To DetailDairy Free and Healthy

Dairy free, and worried you might be missing out on vital nutrients? Nutrition Consultant Sarah Elliott answers your dietry questions...

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Childhood Eczema - Attention To DetailHealthy Painting 101

Spring is a great time to dust off the DIY gear and treat your home to a fresh coat of paint. But before you prise open the tin, here are a few things to think about, particularly if someone in your family suffers from allergies...

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Surviving the Hayfever SeasonSurviving the Sneezin' Season

Traditionally considered a mild complaint, it is now widely recognised that hayfever can have a significant impact on quality of life, so it pays to go into 'the sneezin' season' armed with expert knowledge. Immunologist and Allergy Specialist Dr Andrew Baker shares his top five tips for managing hayfever....

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Surviving the Hayfever SeasonSoothing the Itch

Eczema is an itchy reality for many children and a bane for their parents. While there is no cure for this all too common skin condition, eczema can be effectively treated with expert advice, a sound management plan and a good dose of parental perseverance. Here are some tips to help soothe the scratching...

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